Walking - 【公式サイト】さくらホテル尾道駅前



Around the charming streets of Onomichi



The quaint scenery of the port town overlooking the slope,
the many historical buildings, and the time that flows slowly.
Please fully enjoy the charm of Onomichi,
which is loved by many literary masters and artists.



Onomichi Kodera Tour

  • 千光寺

    Senkoji Temple

    Senkoji Temple


    It is a temple of the Shingon sect in Senkoji Park, and its symbol is the vermilion main hall and the Ryugu-style bell tower. It is a typical view of Onomichi, where you can overlook the Onomichi Channel from the precincts at an altitude of 140m.

  • 持光寺

    Jikoji Temple

    Jikoji Temple


    A temple of the Jodo sect with a majestic stone gate. Jikoji Temple is also famous as "Hydrangea Temple". You can enjoy seasonal flowers such as hydrangea, weeping plum, white plum, and red plum.

  • 西國寺

    Saikokuji Temple

    Saikokuji Temple


    The head temple of the Shingon sect Daigo school. Saikokuji Temple, which has a large cathedral on the hillside of Mt. Atago, one of the three mountains of Onomichi, was named Saikokuji Temple with the meaning that the scale of the cathedral is exactly the largest in Saigoku.

  • 浄土寺

    Jodoji Temple

    Jodoji Temple


    It is said that Prince Shotoku was founded 1400 years ago, and the main hall and Tahoto are designated as national treasures, and the Sanmon and Amidado are designated as important cultural properties, and are also known as "national treasure temples".

Popular Spots


Popular Spots

  • 渡船




    It is a ferry that connects the city of Onomichi and Mukaishima across the Onomichi Channel, and it takes about 5 minutes, which is also famous as "the shortest boat trip in Japan". It also appears in TV dramas and movies.

  • シネマ尾道

    Cinema Onomichi

    Cinema Onomichi


    Onomichi is known for its movie town. It is a movie theater that was rebuilt in October 2008 by the power of movie fans and citizens nationwide in Onomichi, where the movie theater has disappeared due to the influence of digitization.

  • 尾道市庁舎屋上

    Onomichi City Hall

    Onomichi City Hall


    The new government building completed in January 2020 has an image of a large passenger ship floating on the Onomichi Channel. From the rooftop observation deck on the 5th floor, you can see the boats passing through the Onomichi Channel.

  • 平山郁夫美術館

    Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art

    Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art


    Ikuo Hirayama, a Japanese-style painter from Onomichi who represents Japan. From his precious boyhood paintings to his later masterpieces, there are also exhibits of sketches and sketches before the production of this painting.

Other Spots


Other Spots

  • 尾道駅前芝生広場

    Onomichi station square lawn open space

  • レンタサイクル

    Bicycle rental

  • 路地から見える電車

    Train is seen from the alley

  • 猫の細道

    Cat alley

  • ロープウエイ


  • 耕三寺(石のモニュメント)

    Kousanji Temple
    (stone monument)