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「ご宿泊用 駐車割引サービス」について



割引対象の駐車場 ダウンロードはこちら

“About new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) infection prevention measures”

At our hotel, we take thorough preventive measures by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s “Response to New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases in Accommodation Facilities such as Inns”. Also, we are taking the following measures so that our customers can use the hotel with peace of mind.

● Requests to customers

・ Please cooperate in wearing masks and disinfecting fingers with alcohol.

・ At check-in, we will check the temperature and confirm your identity.

・ If you feel unwell during your visit, please contact the staff.

・ Please secure a social distance to avoid the Three Cs.

・ Please refrain from visiting the museum if you have a fever or are in poor physical condition.

・ If you suspect an infection based on the regulations of the government, follow the instructions of the medical institution or health center.

・ If you do not agree with the request, we may refuse admission

● About room cleaning

・ Carry out alcohol disinfection in areas other than those touched by humans

・ Checking the body temperature of cleaning staff, wearing masks, and disinfecting alcohol

・ Alcohol disinfection is carried out at the time of collection for room keys and rental items in guest rooms.

● Correspondence in the hall

・ Elevators, shared toilets, restaurants, etc. are regularly cleaned, disinfected, and ventilated.

・ Install alcohol disinfectant in the front desk, restaurant entrance, etc.

・ Installation of splash prevention partition

・ Eating and drinking establishments maintain social distance and limit the number of people

● Efforts for employees

・ Implement body temperature check for health management

・ Frequent hand washing, gargling, cough etiquette

・ Wearing a mask

・ Thorough alcohol disinfection in the employee-only area

Dear Guest,

We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers and appreciate your understanding and cooperation for safety and security.

Yours sincerely,

Isao Hashimoto

Hotel Manager

“About Sakura Hotel Onomichi Ekimae Grand Opening”

70 seconds walk from Onomichi Station, the best location in front of Onomichi Channel “Sakura Hotel Onomichi Ekimae” Grand opening on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

● A “new spot” called Sakura Hotel was born. An ideal location to fully enjoy Onomichi-ideal for walking, cycling, and business scenes-A city certified as a Japanese Heritage site as a “box garden by Onomichi Channel”, Onomichi. Located in the center of the city, it is very convenient for cycling and eating while visiting sightseeing spots where you can experience history and culture. Also, as a hotel-specific activity that is scheduled to start shortly, we will propose a Shimanami Kaido tour course by luxury foreign car Rolls Royce and cruiser. When it comes to meals, you can enjoy his “work”, which is the chief chef who carefully finishes local ingredients with all his heart. Also, at lunchtime, the collaboration between Onomichi’s first flowers and sweets by an active florist will make everyone smile. Please take a commemorative photo by all means.







「さくらホテル 尾道駅前 グランドオープンについて」

尾道駅から徒歩70秒、尾道水道が目の前のベストロケーション 「さくらホテル 尾道駅前」 2021年4月1日(木) グランドオープン

尾道を味わい尽くす 理想の立地 〜散策、サイクリング、ビジネスシーンに最適〜 「尾道水道が紡いだ中世からの箱庭的都市」として日本遺産に認定された街、尾道。 その中心に位置し、歴史・文化に触れる観光スポット巡りの他、サイクリングや 食べ歩きにもとても便利です。 また、近日中の開始を予定しているホテル独自のアクティビティとして、 高級外国車ロールスロイスやクルーザーによるしまなみ海道周遊コースをご提案 いたします。

お食事に関しましても、地元食材を大切に心を込めて仕上げる料理⻑の“作品”を ご堪能いただけます。 さらに、ランチタイムには、現役floristによる尾道初の花とスィーツのコラボに より、皆様に笑顔になっていただきます。是非とも記念写真を撮影ください。


当ホテルでは、厚生労働省による「旅館等の宿泊施設における新型コロナウイルス感染症 への対応について」に準じて、予防対策を徹底しております。 また、お客様に安心してホテルをご利用いただくため、以下の取り組みを行っております。






















お客様には、多大なるご迷惑とご不便をお掛けいたしますが、安心と安全に 向けて、ご理解とご協力を賜りますよう宜しくお願い申し上げます。